1A ColosseumBowelsOverview1A Colosseum Bowels Overview 1B ColosseumBowelsscale1B Colosseum Bowels scale 1C ColosseumBowelsSectionsAAandBB1C Colosseum Bowels Sections AA and BB 1D ColosseumBowelsChainedMax1D Colosseum Bowels Chained Max 1Db ColosseumBowelsChainedMen1Db Colosseum Bowels Chained Men 1E ColosseumBowelsOverviewPlan1E Colosseum Bowels Overview Plan 1F ColosseumBowelsSectionsCC,DDandEE1F Colosseum Bowels Sections CC, DD and EE 1G ColosseumBowelsCCandDDclose1G Colosseum Bowels CC and DD close 1H ColosseumBowelsTigerCageRamp1H Colosseum Bowels Tiger Cage Ramp 1I ColosseumBowelsSectionFF1I Colosseum Bowels Section FF 1J ColosseumBowelsFirstFloor1J Colosseum Bowels First Floor 1L ColosseumBowelsSlateOddsBoard1L Colosseum Bowels Slate Odds Board 2A ColosseumInterior2A Colosseum Interior 2B Colosseumdoor2B Colosseum door 3A Int.ColosseumCGIfulldetail3A Int.Colosseum CGI full detail 3B Int.ColosseumCGIelevation3B Int.Colosseum CGI elevation 3C Int.ColosseumCGIhorse3C Int. Colosseum CGI horse 4AColosseumSmallOverhead copy4A Colosseum Small Overhead copy 4B ColosseumSmallTiers copy4B Colosseum Small Tiers copy 5A ProvincialAmphitheaterParteOverview5A Provincial Amphitheater Parte Overview 5b ProvincialAmphitheaterDetail copy5b Provincial Amphitheater Detail copy 6A ProvincialAmphitheaterMuro6A Provincial Amphitheater Muro 6B ProvincialAmphitheaterDoor6B Provincial Amphitheater Door 7A ProximosCompoundPozoOverview copy7A Proximos Compound PozoO verview copy 7B ProximosCompoundPozoDetail2 copy7B ProximosCompound Pozo Detail 2 copy 7CProximosCompoundPozoDetail copy7CProximos Compound Pozo Detail copy 8A ProximosCourtyardPlantaOverview copy8A Proximos Courtyard Planta Overview copy 8B ProximosCourtyardDetail copy8B Proximos Courtyard Detail copy 9A ProximosCorridorofLions Overview copy9A Proximos Corridor of Lions Overview copy 9Ab ProximosCorridorofLionsDetail copy9Ab Proximos Corridor of Lions Detail copy 9B ProximoCourtyardAlzados9B Proximo Courtyard Alzados 9C Gladiatorshelter9C Gladiatorshelter

Black & White Photo Gallery


Group 1: General before battle

Group 2: Battle and beheading

Group 3: Barbarians defiant/ Charge

Group 4: General and troops

Group 5: "Give me a soldier's death"/"Praetorian!"

Group 6: Escape

Group 7: "Frates"

Group 8: "I thank you for your prayers"

Group 9: Commodus' sword practice/ Maximus feeds horse

Group 10: Marcus muses with Maximus


Group 11: Maximus palms dirt before Zuccabar arena

Group 12: Before Zuccabar chain match/ Proximo bets

Group 13: Maximus before chain match/ Maximus and Juba run into arena

Group 14: Zuccabar chain match

Group 15: Zuccabar chain match

Group 16: Zuccabar slave market

Group 17: "Are you not entertained?"

Group 18: Zuccabar slave market

Group 19: Maximus enters Proximo's compound

Group 20: "I will show you something you've never seen before"

Group 21: "You'll see them again, but not yet"

Group 22: Hakan challenges Maximus

Group 23: Maximus' tattoo/ Hakan challenges Maximus


Group 24: Maximus confronts Lucilla under Colosseum

Group 25: Maximus fights Tigris/ Commodus executes soldiers

Group 26: Maximus defiant after Tigris fight

Group 27: "I have only one more life to take"

Group 28: Maximus defies Commodus/ Maximus beneath tiger

Group 29: Maximus, Juba, and Hakan see Colosseum

Group 30: "I didn't know men could build such things"

Group 31: Maximus beneath tiger/ gladiators stare at Colosseum

Group 32: "He killed the man who freed you"

Group 33: "If we stand together, we'll survive"

Group 34: Maximus and gladiators behind Colosseum bars

Group 35: "I'm Maximus Decimus Meridius"

Group 36: Gladiators march to Colosseum/ Maximus leaves through crowd

Group 37: Maximus' gladiator school graduation photos

Group 38: "First he must kill your name"

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Color Photo Gallery

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Story Progression

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Germania Part 1.pdf

Germania Part 2.pdf


Rome Part 1.pdf

Rome Part 2.pdf

Rome Part 3.pdf

Rome Part 4.pdf

Rome Part 5.pdf

Rome Part 6.pdf

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Blueprints & Callsheets


Blueprints Gallery


Call sheet 02-02-1999.pdf

Call sheet 02-04-1999.pdf

Call sheet 02-06-1999.pdf

Call sheet 02-09-1999.pdf

Call sheet 02-10-1999.pdf

Call sheet 02-20-1999.pdf

Call sheet 02-23-1999.pdf

Call sheet 03-02-1999.pdf

Call sheet 03-04-1999.pdf

Call sheet 04-05-1999.pdf

Call sheet 04-07-1999.pdf

Call sheet 04-16-1999.pdf

Call sheet 04-19-1999.pdf

Call sheet 05-11-1999.pdf

Call sheet 05-19-1999.pdf

Call sheet 05-29-1999.pdf

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Additional Galleries


Oscar Ads Gallery


Shades of Maximus Gallery 1

Shades of Maximus Gallery 2

Shades of Maximus Gallery 3

Shades of Maximus Gallery 4

Shades of Maximus Gallery 5

Shades of Maximus Gallery 6


Life Mask Gallery


Maximus Laughs Gallery


Roman charge in Germania.pdf

Moroccan caravan.pdf

Carthage fight sequence.pdf

Maximus fights Tigris.pdf

Escape from Proximo's compound.pdf


Tiell’s Gallery

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